October 8, 2020 at 1:29 am

Pattern Change: Colder Pattern Set To Move Into Arizona With Cutoff Blocking Pattern; View MARS Tonight at the closest approach

YES my Arizonians, I am still here. I did not leave you, but your weather has been quiet, and boring. I am like AL, the Boss Angel from the movie ‘Angels in The Outfield’… “We’re alwwwwwways watching” … We do have a pattern change coming up so read on …
This pattern change is a blocking pattern, which does produce cutoff lows into the Southwestern United States. We are still in a see-saw pattern where it will be cool, then hot, and cool, and hot for the next month or so.
What I do know is colder weather is on the way so hang tight, I’ll get you the cooler weather with a chance of that added cutoff low soon …
MARS: Mars is out tonight, look for the bright orange star in the east after sunset. It’ll go across the sky all night, setting in the west at sunrise. It will not be this close again until 2035.

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