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TIER PROGRAM – GET CUSTOM EMAIL WEATHER ALERTS IN YOUR AREA AND ENTER THE MEMBER SECTION ON THE SITE: Fall 2021 rates – If you get in after September 1st it is only $20, if after October 1st only $13. If after November 1st only $6 to finish off the Fall Quarterly Tier.  Fall, Winter, and Spring will have their own tiers.
Both Southern California Weather Force and Arizona Weather Force have a cheap Fall 2021 price to supercharge this service you already get on social media for free. If you do not want to miss any articles this season because social media does not show you for hours or even days (common) and want to get custom email alerts such as thunderstorm, severe thunderstorm, flood, heat, or tornado alerts along with a controllable member section model for each during the events in YOUR area, sign-up for the premium member package, which is only $20 to start and gets cheaper through the season till the next season reset quarter. Read below for details on how to join this offer.
Your help will last the next year in increasing this service visibility so more can find it, keep the server active, which if hit by thousands of people is pretty expensive to begin with so it doesn’t crash.. increase my CPU power (super expensive) so my models get more accurate … … the service is pretty up there to run, but it is all worth it I’m sure in the bottom line.
I do not accept corporate sponsors because of today’s cancel culture era. If I ran this service off sponsors and my ‘competition’ saw it, they would try everything to get me ‘canceled’ so I don’t take from them… You saw it first hand with weather geeks in here talking bad … … and I lose everything…
That is why I have handed my work to the people to keep up as long as the people want it… once no one wants it anymore, I will be gone… but the people’s help is what matters not a corporate sponsor. People cannot cancel me all at once, it would take a lot to leave altogether for this service to fade.
The entire system people pay into will always pay you back in one way or another, whether saving your or a loved one’s life… or save property, including livestock etc.. I have proven it comes back in a positive manner and will continue to work for you as running a weather service has been my goal for 22 years and this is all I know how to do…
My mind is about patterns and numbers and the weather just happens to fall right into what I will probably be doing at a computer even at 80 years old… if technology hasn’t caught up to force me out of business…
Thanks again, and welcome anyone that is new, if a current member, Welcome Back 🙂
Thank you, and if interested in the service, pick one of the two options below to fill out – non-monthly or monthly are available –  enter the info below and the process will begin.




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