October 23, 2020 at 6:54 pm

High Wind Warning and Wind Advisory


Issued Zones:  Western half of Arizona … Southeast Arizona …

Site:  Arizona Weather Force has issued a High Wind Warning and Wind Advisory combined, effective Sunday night overnight into mostly Monday …

Date:  10/23/20 at 11:50am PT

Forecast: An arctic system will drop into NV/UT on Sunday and generate a strong onshore flow… however by Sunday night and into Monday this will strengthen in the warning/advisory areas.  Use the model below for your location and the intensity values below.

Martin Wind Gust Intensity Scale –

6. SOME Trees are broken or uprooted, building damage is possible. – High Profile Vehicle Roll-Over Likely, Do NOT recommend Traveling in this zone
5. Slight damage occurs to buildings, shingles are blown off of roofs. HIGH WIND WARNING CRITERIA – High Profile Vehicle Roll-Over Possible if weight is not corrected.
4. Twigs and small branches are broken from trees, walking is difficult.
3. Large trees sway, becoming difficult to walk. POWER SHUTDOWN THRESHOLD WIND ADVISORY CRITERIA

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Forecaster: KM