Thunderstorm Watch


Issued Zones:  Mojave County …

Site:  Arizona Weather Force has issued a Thunderstorm Watch effective Monday …

Date:  11/1/20 at 2:00pm PT

Forecast: An upper level low west of Southern California will bring an upswing in lift over the Las Vegas and Mojave County areas on your Monday.  Moisture is not as plentiful so what we’re looking at is a small corridor of high-based (summer-like) thunderstorms in and around the area in hit and miss fashion. The threat goes through the day and into some of the night – 

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10 mile rule:  These alerts issued on this site
means that within your zone and 10 miles from you will see the event
forecast for.  You may or may not see the event but it means you are in
the zone or 10 miles from where someone will.

Forecaster: KM