Arizona Weather Force Fundraiser and Subscriber System

What you get as a website supporter

Look below for those links –

1. Custom alerts from flood, wind, thunderstorm, snow, monsoon events, long range, articles, all delivered to your e-mail address on file. These alerts are written CUSTOM as in not issued anywhere else as this is a full weather service and everything is from here and nowhere else.  You see things here that you will not see elsewhere because of the models used in your region.
2. Access to the control panel that YOU control.  If you set it for any of the zones available, that is where the alerts will be sent, just for you.
3. Access to the member section.  This is where you see the weather models for snow, rain, wind, whatever is available.  You can even use your GPS to match the models for more accuracy.
4. If monthly, you are locked into that price even if the prices go up.  If you come in at $7/month and the prices go to $10/month, you are locked into that tier at $7/month.
5. The most accurate forecasts and lead-time in the state, which has and will continue to save lives…
6.  Consider it like insurance where you have it handy in-case you ever need it … because one day … you just might get a lifetime worth saved with very little paid ….
7.  Pride knowing you are helping a small business stay afloat with the updates flowing …
8.  Not RELYING on Social Media whether you get the information or not…  You get it FIRST … There are times I get locked out of Facebook and if that happens it takes awhile to get the account back and therefore I go dark to others … but as a member of this website you will always get the alerts e-mailed to you and the models seen in the member section during weather events.  Facebook does NOT own my service or website so never wait on social media when your membership guarantees you information no matter what.


SUBSCRIBE OR RESUBSCRIBE TO THE SUPPORTER SYSTEM TIER – Monthly is ONLY available via PayPal Subscriptions at only $7/month

Non-MonthlyClick Here To Join Via The Current Tier Price at $25 VIA PAYPAL – DEBIT CARD OPTION AVAILABLE ON CHECKOUT

MonthlyClick Here To Join Monthly For $7/month – PayPal ONLY – DEBIT CARD OPTION AVAILABLE ON CHECKOUT

Non-Monthly – VENMO – Current tier price to send for service from September 1st through November 30th (Fall Tier) is $25 to the Venmo.  Click here – or send to username @NationalWeatherForce – IMPORTANT:  When giving the amount listed, put in the subject “AZWF and your EMAIL ADDRESS you want on the system or to be KEPT on the system as a current subscriber” – That is very important so I know it is for Arizona Weather Force and not Southern California Weather Force.

Once again, thank you for being a part of this growing weather service, which has become the largest commercial weather service in Arizona.