June 7, 2021 at 5:51 pm

WARNING: Deadly Heatwave Eyes Metro Arizona Week Of June 14th; All Should Prepare Now


Arizona Weather Force has issued a Special Weather Statement out ahead of the week of June 14th as a deadly heatwave is showing up in the latest numbers being crunched so plan where to get cool soon, so read on for details …

The slightly ‘cooler’ weather you are experiencing now is due to a very large trough of low pressure well off the coast, bringing rainfall further north into the Pacific Northwest. As this starts to weaken, a large ridge of high pressure will form over Arizona. This ridge does not have much cloudiness associated with it … so temperatures underneath the sinking air dome will skyrocket as a result. The image in this article shows over 115+ for the metro areas of Phoenix, some areas even reading 118-120F, which is enough to close the airports as planes cannot takeoff in that heat  Furthermore, it shows a whopping 123F in the Yuma zones with many CO River Valley zones at 120+.

Temperatures as a result of this ridge will also be well above normal in the upper mountain areas.  Even Flagstaff is reading the mid-90s during this event.  It is not recommended to plan a Grand Canyon bottom hiking trip during this period either.

The temperature profiles are preliminary and will be for the week of June 14th, however, such large ridges are not hard to forecast so we are looking at a heatwave level event that will be deadly in the populated zones so if you need to schedule to be somewhere cooler, do so at your earliest convenience.

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