September 30, 2021 at 9:46 am

Storm Update – 8:45a – 9-30-2021 – Backside Action – Morning Report – Next System?


Last night went pretty much as expected minus getting storms to fire in most of Maricopa County. The main focus however was not that county, it was Pinal County and boy did they get it. The eastern half of Maricopa County has one more shot, and that’s later today into early night with the Backside Action of the upper-level low. Had storms not hit the bullseye, this forecast would have been missed, however the PHX areas are not the only ones I forecast for so this was a direct hit, no other sources stated severe thunderstorms in Pinal County … So… with that… I’ll dust everything off.. and will go again …
Image In Post: The image in this post has three main images.
Upper left – This is Spiderman asking a question to the people in the eastern half of Maricopa County on who missed out on last night’s event.
Lower Left – This is of last night’s lightning strikes. You can clearly see it was in the bullseye and Pinal got nuked with storms, as did Tucson (Arizona University cameras confirm direct hit) –
Main image to the right. This is the thunderstorm zone for today. It covers mainly the eastern half of Arizona. Here is what will happen. Storms will form along the Mogollon Rim, so isolated for Prescott, Numerous for Payson/Star Valley, and so on down through Show Low and Mt. Baldy. Sedona will also see storms. So if you plan on being up on the rim today, it’s best to not be outside.
This activity moving down I-17 later on is the ONLY chance to get storms popping in the Northern and Eastern half of Maricopa County. There would be widely scattered –
As for others areas, TUCSON, you’re in it again … and …
The winning county for today with the most numerous and severe activity … COCHISE COUNTY … you win the prize …
That’s it … that is what should happen today based off the upper-level low’s position and my numbers –
NEXT SYSTEM: HOLD IT… Those who think the state is done with the moisture out of the south will have another thing coming as the next targeted system is set to move in around October 5th. So no, you are not drying out this yet… and.. for those in the CO River Valley areas… this system INCLUDES YOU – so partay …