BREAKING: G3-Class Geomagnetic Storm From Major Solar Flare Heading To Earth Weekend of October 30, 2021; Details


On October 28th, 2021, an X1-Class Solar Flare erupted from the Sun, sending a CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) toward the planet.  Radio blackout was detected within an hour of it and the effects will be far felt this weekend, including the chance of seeing the Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis as far south as the Southern United States so read on for details …

A G3-Class Geomagnetic Storm is in the forecast as the X1-Class Solar Flare arrival is expected by October 30th, which will go through the weekend.  The arrival of the material off the Sun will enter the geomagnetic fields and filter down into the poles.  The stronger the flare, the stronger the northern light show, including the stronger the disruption of satellite systems, including TV/Cable/Internet and the GPS navigational system.  So don’t be surprised if your systems are wonky this weekend.

G3-Class primary impacts include;

Power Systems:  Voltage irregularity; false alarms on some protection devices.
Spacecraft:  Surface charging; orientation problems; increased drag on low-Earth orbiters.
Radio and Navigation: Intermittent HF propagation fades.  GNSS problems (loss-of-lock and increased range errors)

The northern lights could be seen as far as the Southern United States.  If you are down there, look north and look of a faint glow of light moving around.  This would be the top of the show.  The greens will be reserved for the mid/upper latitudes, not the south.  The southern latitudes tend to get the reds, which are always above the green colors.  Time exposure cameras will be more useful in seeing the true colors so if you are a photographer, set those time exposures up and bring out those colors.

Solar flare activity has also been correlated with stronger worldwide earthquake activity so we will be seeing this happen just about anywhere a fault-zone is.  So if you are in earthquake country, make sure you have your plans ready in-case there is on as this is a heightened threat…

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