June 10, 2022 at 6:12 pm

SECOND LEVEL 4 HEATWAVE: Long Range Heat Maps And Heat Model Activated For Members For June 16, 2022


The first heatwave peaks tomorrow (Saturday) and ‘cooling’ below 110F will happen for the Phoenix areas after Sunday, but a second level 4 out of 5 heatwave is going to hit the forecast area on June 16, 2022 before the monsoon moisture returns a day after that, including most of Arizona all the way west to the Colorado River Valley? – For some of you that will be affected the maps within will be valid so read on for details and maps, including links to join the free community with a bunch of features that would be available to you.

5.  Heat Stroke Possible After 15-20 minutes of exposure with no water.
4.  Dangerous. If you want to hike in this, you must have a lot of water. Most people think that they have enough water, but they do not. This is the level at which kills a lot of people due to that reason. Working outside is not recommended. You do not want to be playing hot potato with your feet on the sidewalk in this level.  High Heat Warning criteria in the Deserts …
3.  Great discomfort. Do not exert yourself on a level three. Drink plenty of water, and hiking is not recommended without proper knowledge and supplies.
2.  Some discomfort. Be cautious outside when working and drink plenty of water.
1. Very little discomfort, however, long periods of exposure could bring heat exhaustion.

Below are clickable maps of the AZWF Heat Risk Model.  There are four of them… NW half of AZ, NE half of AZ, SW half of AZ, and the SE half of AZ..

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