June 11, 2022 at 10:28 am

Weather Advisory


Issued Zones:  Western Maricopa County … La Paz County … 

Site:  Arizona Weather Force has issued a Weather Advisory for isolated thunderstorm activity that would affect I-10 … effective this afternoon until 9pm tonight … 

Date:  6/11/22 at 10:30am local

Forecast: A trough of low pressure approaching Northern California will work with a slight increase in moisture and instability in a small section of Western Arizona this afternoon/evening.  This would work with the local convergence zone along I-10 at the La Paz and Maricopa Border to bring high-based thunderstorms to the region.  

The storms in this area could bring some hail as well as damaging 40-50 mph winds and reduced visibility due to blowing dust …  

Any photographers/storm chasers in the area would want to be in this advisory area.  There are indications that they can surround the Parker, AZ forecast area as I do think they will also form west of the CO River Valley into Southern California’s Desert Territory as well … 

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Forecaster: Raiden Storm