July 27, 2023 at 8:33 am

Severe Thunderstorm Watch and Weather Advisory


Issued Zones:  Western and Central half of Cochise County … Santa Cruz County … Eastern half of Pima County … West and Southern half of Pinal County … 

Site:  Arizona Weather Force has issued a Severe Thunderstorm Watch and Weather Advisory effective later this afternoon, evening, and into the night …

Date:  7/27/23 at 8:30am PT

Forecast: A ridge of high pressure continues to be north of the watch areas, which is giving a moist easterly flow.  This easterly flow, similar to yesterday, will bring thunderstorms yet again in the Eastern half of Pima County, Western and Central Cochise County, and all of Santa Cruz County.   

Storms today will not be as strong across Tucson as they were the other day, largely due to the atmosphere being a bit cooler in the low-levels.  Still, large hail/damaging winds, flooding, and low visibility due to dust will be in this forecast.   The main target zones seem to be Benson to Vail.  

The outflow from this, like yesterday, will move into Pinal County where the weather advisory is now in effect for this evening and night.  This will bring a dust storm chance, along with pop-up storm chances as a gulf surge out of the southwest sets up a convergence point.  We will see far more severe storm activity in Pinal County with the weekend event.

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