August 16, 2023 at 1:44 pm

IMMINENT THREAT: Tropical Storm Warning Issued for The Western half of Arizona for the Weekend of August 16th, 2023


Arizona Weather Force has issued an official rare Tropical Storm Warning for the western half of Arizona, effective now for the weekend of August 19th, 2023.

For well over a week, Arizona Weather Force Long Range Risk Model Assessment Models have predicted a major upswing in storm activity for the Southwestern United States.  This risk assessment was then a day later managed and found it would be one of two storms, Greg or Hilary.  It was determined by me, the time machine lord, that it would be Hilary before she formed.

Now, she has formed into a tropical storm and will become a major hurricane along the Baja, California coast.  This will stop or cancel all cruise ship paths as she will carry 50-foot waves.

The first of the upper-level dynamics will hit on Saturday, August 19th, with the center and major part of the system through August 20th as the main day.  Arizona Weather Force forecast models indicate a high risk now extending all the way through the western half of the state latitude.  This means that the half of the forecast zone will see heavy rain, high winds at times, and flooding, and as stated in previous forecasts, it will wash roads out with erosion and also this is one of the systems that will cause loss of life and property if not properly prepared.

I personally would cancel all plans on Saturday and Sunday within the higher risk zones and stay home but prepare ahead of time if you live in one of the flood prone zones as if this was a regular season major storm.  This is courtesy of El Nino, and Arizona Weather Force maintains the final El Nino Warning.

I did my job; this is a Raiden Storm Pattern.  A Raiden Storm Pattern (Being my call-sign is Raiden Storm) means that it was a pattern predicted before anyone or anything could have and is named after me like a comet discovery is named after the one who saw it.

That is all, I will say now to prepare and good luck within the higher risk zones …

Master General Meteorologist – Raiden Storm

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