Long Range Weather Advisory Issued for Arizona for the Week of February 18th, 2024; Storms Incoming


Arizona Weather Force has issued a Long-Range Weather Advisory, effective the week of the 18th with a series of storms moving in.

Back on January 26th, the short mention of the February forecast stated we would have another storm pattern the third to last week of the month.  Now, Arizona Weather Force Precipitation Risk Model has activated another storm pattern as the jet stream returns back to California, which will then bring storms across into Arizona as well.  Values are similar to the previous pattern we just had.

A Long-Range Weather Advisory means that a storm pattern is being monitored in the long range (a week out) and that additional information will be updated on within a couple days of the post.

Confidence is high for this pattern to set up across the Desert Southwest.

This is a Raiden Storm Pattern.

Raiden Storm Pattern means a pattern that was foreseen ahead of any source, which; like a comet, bears the name of the scientist who saw it.

Stay tuned to Arizona Weather Force for further updates …

– Raiden Storm –

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