June 15, 2021 at 7:04 pm

Dry Lightning Fire Weather Warning Issued For All High Terrain Locations Effective Today Through The Weekend With Thunderstorm Complexes Developing Daily


Arizona Weather Force has issued a Dry Lightning Fire Weather Warning for the Upper Terrain of Arizona, effective now through some of tonight as a thunderstorm complex moves east to west in the first ‘hint’ of the monsoon flow on the first day of the official start, then for the rest of the Upper Terrain areas from Prescott, the Grand Canyon, Flagstaff, NE States, and the entire AZ Rim Wednesday through the Weekend so read on for details, and don’t forget the Summer 2021 email alert service system discount ends TODAY, details inside – …

TODAY, JUNE 15, 2021 – At the current time, thunderstorms are trying to develop just south of the Pinetop region.  These storms will gain intensity throughout the afternoon and shove westward.  PAYSON, Arizona is within the danger spot for the center of the storm activity as well as Young, Tonto Basin, and Cibecue for today, June 15, 2021.  The storms will move west through Rock Springs, Cave Creek, and Wittman on a WEAKENING trend.

However, before they do weaken off the higher terrain areas they will produce dry lightning.  We are only on our first day of the official start of the 2021 Monsoon Season and this means that a lack of moisture below say 14,000 Feet would make for dry low levels and moist mid/upper levels.  This means that little to no precipitation would fall from the group of storms expected in the regions stated above.   We will see wetter systems over the next two weeks to a month as the monsoon flow finally takes over.  That article will come later.

Gusty outflow winds today in the impacted areas would be from 20 to 45 mph, with the highest in Pinal County at 40-45 mph out of the east, which will fuel any fire start from the lightning strikes.

Daily storms containing dry lightning for a fire warning will increase from Wednesday through the weekend for all of the upper terrain locations in the graph provided …


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