Weather Advisory Issued For Phoenix Valley West Along I-10 to Colorado River Valley Zones This Evening Through Overnight With High Terrain Storm Outflow


Arizona Weather Force has issued a Weather Advisory in what looks like a similar flow to last night’s where High Terrain storms east of Phoenix move west, bringing outflow that popped more storms off in the valley, and with the impulse moving along I-10, a watch has been issued so read on for details – oh and I have extended the Summer 2021 discount till June 22nd so everyone has a chance where it will return to monthly afterward until the Fall/Winter/Spring discount so read on below on how to get exclusive email alerts for these articles, flood, thunder, heat, etc alerts you may not see elsewhere …

The temperature in Phoenix last night rose from 100 to 106F during the overnight with the storms that move through.  Generally, the outflow is cold, but a heat burst is also always possible when the low levels are so dry.  This is what caused that to happen.  The low levels remain dry so we again will see something similar in that zone.  Thunderstorms are expected to form east of Phoenix again along the Mogollon Rim and move off to the west.  Approaching upper-level moisture will bring elevated instability levels up some and meet with the storms later in the evening and overnight, producing a strong area of upper divergence as well.  This would mean that storms would be allowed to form and keep pushing west through Maricopa County all the way to the Colorado River Valley areas.  I’ve placed Quartzsite, Parker, and Lake Havasu City for the way overnight hours within this watch as well.  Storms will be weakest between Phoenix and the CO River Valley but will strengthen with elevated instability overnight for the river areas.

I’ve decided to keep this as a weather advisory (one step below thunderstorm watch) due to the weaker mid-level instability, but I do see an impulse at 18,000 feet moving in which ups the divergence levels so this should be enough to compensate and add a chance of lightning strikes in it.

Storms today may contain gusty winds, however will not have flood-producing potential due to the drier low levels still.  We are seeing a ‘monsoon preview’ …

A WEATHER ADVISORY is issued here at Arizona Weather Force when convective activity is expected, but it is expected in hit and miss fashion across the advisory zone.  It is below a full thunderstorm watch due to an ingredient or two missing, but it still harbors the chance of thunderstorms within the zone shaded.

NOTE:  This is for a separate area of the state apart from the Mogollon Rim activity.  For the Mogollon Rim shaded zones in the dry lightning fire weather warning issued the other day, click here


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