Powerful Monsoon Surge Inbound; Expected To Hit June 28th Into The First Week of July; Scientific Monsoon Season Start Confirmed


A powerful surge of monsoon moisture, likely the strongest in some time, will hit the Desert Southwest starting June 28th and going through the first week of July.  Numerous thunderstorms with flooding as well will be expected across the state, including the metro areas of Phoenix and Tucson so read on for details …

A ridge of high pressure that will bring record-setting 110+ temperatures for Oregon and Washington will set up over those states.  You can read that article by clicking here.  As it does so, storms from Canada will round the eastern periphery of the clockwise flow.  This will bring them down into the Rocky Mountain states of Colorado and New Mexico.  As these disturbances round the ridge, they will create what is called an easterly wave.  An inverted trough, or a low-pressure center that moves from east to west, not west to east.  This inverted trough, or easterly wave scenario, is responsible for some of the most dangerous storms during the monsoon season.  Such disturbances will be very likely during the date periods stated above.

An easterly flow between the two systems will bring a surge of deep moisture through the Desert Southwest, even ejecting into California where storms hit all the way to the Southern California coast just recently … and it will happen again in this…  This weather office will be extremely busy with forecasts as we approach this period, which is less than 4-5 days away to start.  This looks like it will be a rather prolonged period of deep moisture, maybe a day or so break, but could last through July 10th.

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