Severe Weather Statement Issued For Monday: Increasing Potential and Confidence In Another Severe Weather Event From The Mogollon Rim To The Metros


Arizona Weather Force has issued a Severe Weather Statement in advance of a north to south violent push into the Mogollon Rim, which would transfer energy into the populated areas of Phoenix to Tucson on Monday, August 16, 2021 so read on for details …

Well, here we go again for some of you.  The Arizona Weather Force Flood Watch (Click Here) expires on Sunday evening.  I should reissue the watch, but a mix of that and severe thunderstorms will preclude me from doing that.  Instead, my higher class alert for severe weather combined is the Severe Weather Statement.  As the inverted trough that has caused the damage and loss of life moves on, the ridge of high pressure will move over Death Valley, California.  This will bring a north-to-south flow into Arizona.  As it does so, the first area to see it, Sunday, would be the Prescott – Chino Valley forecast zone.  So if you are on the alert system or the group for Arizona Weather Force (not the page), then it is possible an alert will be updated for your Sunday in that area.  This same area will be monitored for the Northern half of Maricopa County overnight on Sunday should outflow from this move into that region.

As for Monday, this continued north-to-south flow will bring what I call a Coup De Grace or final blow from Hurricane Linda’s influence.  North to south mid-level flow will allow impulses to rotate around the eastern periphery of the ridge of high pressure over California and violently slam into the northern sections of the Mogollon Rim.  A gulf surge will provide low-level winds from the south, which meet with the northerly winds at the rim.  As that happens, strong convergence will bring severe thunderstorms along the rim, and an upper-level jet stream will push them southward into the metro areas.  As such, this is acting as a Flood Watch and Severe Thunderstorm Concern for the outlined areas within this article.

So, if in the severe statement zone, prepare for another round in the region for your Monday.  It could be like before where not everyone sees it, but the general forecast has been given.

A Severe Weather Statement from this office is issued when conditions are becoming favorable for an upgrade to a thunderstorm type alert and does not indicate a thunderstorm watch has been activated …


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