December 2021 Weather Pattern Forecast Outlook For Arizona; December Arctic Blasts and Storms


December 2021 remains to be seen as one of the most active months that this season will hold, given an eastern-based weakening La Nina.  The month will be completely 100% opposite of what this last month was, both precipitation and temperature-wise and this is for both Southern California and Arizona Weather Force so read on for details after the first paragraph

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As you know, I was late on the November 2021 forecast, so my model extended to the end of the first week of December.  I did not predict rainfall for the entire month, but did predict a system sometime during the first week of December for that week is over.  I still see the pattern changing to bring a system near or over the area sometime around December 7th or so.  This, as always, will be closely monitored.

The month however, the rest of the month of December looks extremely active.  The ridge will breakdown and allow long-wave Pacific Ocean troughs to develop.  This will bring in both arctic air and moisture across the region mid-December with off and on systems through the end of the month.  We could very well see the snow on our mountains and the High Desert of Southern California during this period, which looks like a low elevation snow-level event coming.

Because some of the systems will be straight down into California, the cold air provided with them will also affect Arizona.  Arizona, at times, will be within the strongest sector, which would own to numerous snow events in the mountain areas and a couple low elevation snowfall events mixed within it along with thunderstorms.  However, because the ridge would be closer to Colorado, expecting above normal temperatures for the north and eastern half of the state, average to below average temperatures for the rest of the region.

I would highly encourage everyone to remain tuned to the forecasts I give in the future and to also get ready for flood events if in a flood prone zone or burn scar area …

So here is the breakdown –

Southern California
Precipitation: Above average
Temperatures: Below Average

Precipitation: Average / Above Average
Temperature:  Equal chances use the map provided below.

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