May 9, 2022 at 7:00 pm

Total Lunar Eclipse To Be Visible Across The Southwest United States Sunday night May 15, 2022


On Sunday, May 15th, the full Moon will pass through the shadow of Earth, producing a total lunar eclipse. The Moon will turn red for almost 85 minutes so read on for details on the event …

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The event will be underway across the Southwestern United States as the Moon rises.  This eclipse will happen early in the night, which means it will be lower in the southeastern skies.  In fact, it will already have a chunk out of it, well within the Earth’s shadow at sunset, but we will still be able to see the totality phase of it.

The Moon turns read because light bends in the red wavelength around the Earth’s atmosphere, a reason you see the evening/morning having an orange/red color to the sky.  This red light shines on the Moon, thus giving it the red hue.

This eclipse however will be interesting.  With the recent volcanic eruption several months back, gases in the upper atmosphere can actually make the eclipse have a deeper red color, not a lighter one, which is what normally happens.

The weather for the Southwestern United States I do project to have a trough in the area.  This trough could bring periods of high clouds at times but should the window land on a clearer period then the eclipse will be highly visible everywhere.  I am leaning toward no weather issues for everyone.   So, stay tuned for updates in the weather forecast as we near the night of the eclipse.  The graphic displays the peak time is 9:11pm PDT on May 15, 2022.

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