July 7, 2022 at 3:38 pm

Strong Monsoon Moisture Flow to Return to Metro Desert Southwest for Middle Week of July 11th Onward


The low-pressure system that has kept the monsoon moisture east of most of the Arizona Metros will erode, bringing a ridge of high pressure over Colorado for the return of deep monsoon moisture to the Southwestern United States by mid-month so read on for details …

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It will be another 5-7 days for this to fully establish, but the ridge of high pressure developing over Colorado will be in a position to bring a strong southeasterly flow in the low/mid/upper levels across the region after around July 12th but become more established after July 13-14th.

Because of how it is developing, kinks within the edges of this system will cause easterly waves or focus spots for the thunderstorm activity to be strongest.  This should easily go as far as even the areas of Southern California, which signals this will be a strong intrusion event.  We had a lot of activity in the state for June, but we have not seen much in July.  This will fulfill the wonder on where the monsoon went as all metro zones, even the Colorado River Valley will see this activity.

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June 1, 2022
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