September 6, 2022 at 11:26 am

Hurricane Kay: Two AZWF Flood Alerts Issued Across The Western half of Arizona


Arizona Weather Force has issued two alerts ahead of Hurricane Kay.  Those alerts are the Flood Watch, and Urban Flood Advisory effective later Friday into Saturday morning …So to read the details and what zone has what read on …

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Hurricane Kay is expected to be a category 2 today and then a 3+ (major hurricane) by Wednesday.  She will impact the entire Baja Peninsula and cause a lot of damage.  Because those zones are not in my jurisdiction I cannot issue alerts for them, but the wording is here as you read it.  All AZWF models are getting stronger with it and strong and close enough to have issued these alerts for the right areas that need them.

THUNDERSTORMS:  There is a chance of thunderstorms with this system on Friday/Friday night as the long spiral arm with upper divergence swings across all watch/advisory zones, including who is not in it in the Phoenix Metro zones.  I will look at that when the time comes for any addition thunderstorm type alerts.

FLOOD WATCH:  Yuma, La Paz County … Mohave County Kingman to Havasu, effective later Friday into Saturday morning …
A Flood Watch is issued here at Arizona Weather Force when conditions are favorable for the risk of mudslides, especially with ongoing or past fire/burn scars and can produce flash flooding in the elevated areas that will create rockslides.  This also can put the power out so prepare for the risk of this …

URBAN FLOOD ADVISORY:  Western/Northern Maricopa County … Yavapai County … Payson zone … Bullhead City/Dolan Springs, effective later Friday into Saturday morning …
An Urban Flood Advisory is issued here at Arizona Weather Force when conditions are favorable for moderate to sometimes heavy rainfall that can lead to street flooding, which would impact travel due to hydroplaning under slick road conditions.

LEAST IMPACTED AREAS: The Eastern half of Arizona …

Below is a clickable map that shows the zones as to the AZWF Weather Alert Map

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