September 13, 2023 at 9:41 am

Tornado Watch Issued For Pinal, Tucson, Graham, Cochise, Greenlee, following Falcon Field Hit by Tornado Last Night


Arizona Weather Force has issued a Tornado Watch effective for the following areas now until 10pm tonight; Pinal, Graham, Greenlee Counties … Tucson … Northern half of Cochise County … and Globe …

An impulse continues to affect the forecast zone this morning as previous stated within the Tornado Watch issued yesterday morning centering San Tan and Phoenix Metro (Reference A Below).  This system brought destruction, especially to Falcon Field, where planes were flipped over and hangers were destroyed.  Of course, the ‘news’ will deny a tornado hit, but from Reference A, it did fit in the official Tornado Watch issued here at Arizona Weather Force.  By seeing the photos of the planes, they were turned, not flipped direct.  This turning is what will tell me that a rotation factor was involved, therefore a tornado did go through Falcon Field last night, and I will officially say it was a tornado based on such.

As for today, storms today will be in the areas mentioned above, which will fail to completely hit most of Maricopa County with the threat you already had.  Storms today in the watch area will move west to east, similar to the last 24 hours and what they are doing currently.

In addition to the Tornado Watch, large hail, damaging winds, and flooding will also be in mode …

Reference A Link –

Image of the hook echo that caused the Falcon Field Tornado

Master General Meteorologist – Raiden Storm

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