February 12, 2022 at 12:37 pm

Cold Storm System To Move Across Arizona On Tuesday; Wind Alerts Issued First


Arizona Weather Force has issued a Wind Watch for the entire state for Tuesday, February 15th, 2022 as a cold Alaskan storm system moves directly across the state.  Read on for details …

On February 9th, I released an article saying after Valentine’s Day the state would have a cold system move through, knocking those temperatures down and producing precipitation for the eastern half of the state, with widespread advisory level wind gusts everywhere else, and a layer of damaging wind gusts for the northern slopes of the Mogollon Rim and northeast into the adjacent higher plateau areas like Winslow, where I expect wind gusts to exceed 65 mph.

Areas along parts of the Mogollon Rim and Hopi/Navajo regions would have some snowfall, not a lot, but will touch on that as the system nears … we are still 4 days out and wind is always first to concentrate on …

The temperatures behind the storm’s colder air-mass will drop considerably anywhere in the state, with teens returning for Flagstaff and the Hopi/Navajo areas …

Stay connected to Arizona Weather Force for future updates and look at the images below for the AZWF wind alert criteria model for Tuesday as of current …

Below are the AZWF models in the form of rain, snow, and wind, snow-levels, or whatever is available for this forecast.  They are clickable.  Image 1 is NW AZ, 2 is NE AZ, 3 is SW AZ, and 4 is SE AZ –

Wind Alert Projection Forecast – Valid Tuesday 2-15-2022

The following articles pertained to the forewarning of this event;

February 9, 2022 – First Outlook
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2022 Monsoon Season 1st Outlook – With a calming La Nina and going into neither La Nina or El Nino, I expect yet again an above average Hurricane Season in the Pacific Ocean, which translates the real possibility that the Monsoon will once again be above average … The final outlook will be given toward June, but you have your pre-outlook and may very well have a similar season to last year if the trends continue …

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