Monsoon Forecast for Arizona on June 26, 2022; Severe Thunderstorm Advisory, Thunderstorm Watch, Weather Advisory, Flood Watch


Arizona Weather Force has issued four alerts.  A Severe Thunderstorm Advisory, Thunderstorm Watch, Weather Advisory, and Flood Watch alert so to find out the areas read on for details … and also if you are in Gila Bend or around there, you are under a strong wording of flooding with your alert as well as activities around Parker –

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SEVERE THUNDERSTORM ADVISORY:  Arizona Weather Force has issued a Severe Thunderstorm Advisory for Western Pima County around Lukeville to Southwest Maricopa County around Gila Bend effective through today.  Rapid developing thunderstorms will be expected across the advisory area with additional outflow out of the north later on.  These storms will be capable of large hail, damaging winds, and torrential downpours.  There are concerns within this advisory area that surround the Gila Bend zones that this city will be the target of flooding yet again.  While not like last year’s major storms, the city is in the center of my risk model for flooding.

THUNDERSTORM WATCH:  Arizona Weather Force has issued a Thunderstorm Watch effective through the rest of the day and into some of the night … The Thunderstorm Watch extends northwest from the above Severe Thunderstorm Advisory all the way to the La Paz County zones, including the Colorado River Valley around Parker.  These areas did not see storms yesterday, but from Havasu to Parker … you look to be in the storm zones today, more hit then miss for sure so expect storms capable of some hail, heavy rain, and damaging winds at times from downbursts.
If you are boating out there on the river or lake in the watch area, be mindful and remember to watch the skies as these will develop and/or move in quickly …

WEATHER ADVISORY:  Arizona Weather Force has issued a Weather Advisory effective through the rest of the day and into some of the night … Well, here we are again.  The weather advisory is for the entire state this time, even to the Kingman forecast zones.  You have the chance of thunderstorms there as well.  But, just about anywhere in the state can see them.  Yuma, you fall in the least focus today, so I am sorry to say the chances of a miss than a hit looks more likely in this flow.
The rest of the advisory area looks like scattered thunderstorms, especially across from Tucson to Phoenix along I-10 and the cities between it through Pinal County, where you did not see the storms yesterday … you will see today.  Storms will contain some hail, but strong and damaging winds will be in the cards for the strongest cells … Western Maricopa County you look to be slammed yet again near the Buckeye areas …

FLOOD WATCH:  Arizona Weather Force has issued a Flood Watch effective this evening through Monday for the Southern Apache County area surrounding the city of Alpine.  Oh, and if you are in Alpine, I have added another zone to the AZWF email alerts system.  It is under ‘Arizona Mountains Alpine’.  I do have Mt. Baldy as the closest to you, but you deserve your own zone.   The flood watch is on the western edge of the larger watch I issued for New Mexico for the same event.  Strong tropical moisture profiles will be present in the watch period and flooding is a concern in and around the city of Alpine along with thunderstorms.

MOST ACTIVITY: Gila Bend and Ajo


LONG RANGE:  We see somewhat of weaker monsoon profiles during the start of this next week with an increase by mid-week.  As always though I’ll take one event at a time …

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