December 12, 2021 at 5:06 pm

Strong Storm System To Bring Mountain Snow and Heavy Rain To Arizona Tuesday into Tuesday Night; Pre-Details


A Gulf of Alaska storm system will drop into Arizona on Tuesday.  Southern California Weather Force’s Major Pacific Storm Hunter will transform into a non-name across Arizona on Tuesday into Tuesday night.  Mountain snow is likely with it and heavy rain at times, possibly even a chance of severe weather so to get an idea who would get what, read on as this storm is part of the Martin Storm Pattern of December 2021.

Back on December 4th an article was released here at Arizona Weather Force (Click here) of a storm pattern that would show up the week of December 13th.  Such a pattern has arrived, the Martin Storm Pattern of December 2021.  Furthermore, the December 2021 forecast released last month clearly indicated something like this would hit, and so it will be.

This system will bring some rainfall to the Tucson, East Maricopa County, Pinal, and Gila County areas as early as Tuesday morning out ahead of the main front.  The main front is expected to move into Western Arizona later Tuesday evening after sunset and continue east through most of the state from there.  Yuma, I’m sorry to say that the Riverside and San Diego Mountains of Southern California will prevent you from being in any of this really.  As per the last article outlining the pattern, you never were in this to begin with.  The focus was the Mogollon Rim and parts of the Phoenix and Tucson metro areas, mostly areas near the foothill/mountain slope zones.

In addition to the mountain snow, which the snow-level starts at 7,000 FT and then lowers through the 4,000 FT mark overnight on Tuesday, most of the snow will fall above 5,000 FT with a chance of it falling below that toward the end of the frontal zone before Wednesday morning comes.  With this storm, wind gusts will be high along and ahead of the front.  We may see some trees and power-lines down in the metro areas given the numbers I see here.  Not long ago, in November a couple years ago, a frontal zone similar to this one brought small tornado chances to the region, mainly near the Maricopa County areas.  This same low-level shear without the lightning show looks possible so I would not be surprised if a small tornado scenario hits the region overnight on Tuesday.

Thunderstorms will be confined to the northern half of the state where the best instability dynamics will remain.

SHORT RANGE:  FINAL FORECAST numbers will be given on Tuesday before the system hits.  Just remember, heavy mountain snow, flooding rains at times, damaging frontal zone winds, and a small tornado scenario as you read from above –

A Martin Storm Pattern means that the pattern was predicted before apps or government/private sources, and since my last name is Martin, like a person who discovered a comet, it is only fair this coming pattern is the Martin Storm Pattern of December 2021.  There will be MANY Martin Storm Patterns due to my ability to go longer range in weather.

LONG RANGE:  With the ridge shoved west to north of Hawaii, the door remains open for storm after storm through the end of the month for the region so stay tuned for updates …

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